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Frequently asked questions

With ShipmentX, you can create unique user credentials for all your staff members without any restrictions. This allows for better tracking of activities within the system and provides user privileges control, access rules, and the ability to map users to organizational structures.

ShipmentX offers a single window LoadBoard feature to integrate with leading LoadBoard players, such as 123LoadBoard and Truckstop. As a carrier or transporter, you can easily post your available loads and empty trucks directly to ShipmentX, expanding your reach to potential prospects. As a shipper, you can search for, and book live loads and trucks across multiple freight marketplaces, all within the ShipmentX platform, eliminating the need to switch between different tools.

We offer instant rate quotes through our LTL (Less-than-Truckload) integrations with leading market players like FedEx, ESTES, UPS, and more. This allows you to obtain accurate pricing information for your shipments quickly. With our instant rate quotes, you only pay for the weight and space your freight uses, ensuring cost efficiency. Our reliable carrier integrations provide you with a wider range of service options and access to a larger carrier network, giving you more flexibility and choices for your shipping needs.

ShipmentX has extensive integrations with GPS providers, allowing flexibility for fleets with multiple GPS providers. Our system can connect to and request location updates from multiple GPS providers, ensuring comprehensive visibility and accurate tracking of your fleet's movements.

ShipmentX supports seamless integration with a wide range of popular ERP systems, including but not limited to Oracle, SAP, BlueJay, JDA, and many more. You can easily sync or stream any ShipmentX data that you require into your ERP, enabling smooth and efficient integration with your established system processes. This flexibility allows ShipmentX to seamlessly blend into your existing workflows, eliminating the need to create new processes from scratch and enabling a cohesive and streamlined logistics management experience across your organization.

The ShipmentX driver app offers a range of convenient features to streamline your operations. By using the app, you can eliminate the need for check-in calls, as automated tracking is enabled through the app and integrations with leading ELD providers. The app also allows for shipment notifications, gate-in and gate-out processes, truck-specific routing, and much more. It empowers your drivers with essential tools to enhance efficiency and improve communication throughout the shipment process.

ShipmentX Carrier TMS offers a comprehensive solution that combines fleet management and fleet maintenance functionalities along with other features provided by ShipmentX. With our Carrier TMS, truck owners and operators gain enhanced control and visibility over their operations that enables them to efficiently manage insurance payments and driver work hours, monitor driving patterns, analyze mileage trends, and more. It provides you with the tools and insights necessary to optimize your fleet's performance. If you are specifically interested in utilizing only our Carrier TMS, please reach out to us at for further information and tailored assistance.

At ShipmentX, we prioritize the security and privacy of your data. We adhere to strict data protection regulations to ensure your information is safe. When it comes to freight location data, we only pass it on to your authorized customers. As a carrier or transporter, you have full control over with whom you share your data with, and you can stop sharing at any time. It's important to note that allowing GPS integration via ShipmentX does not grant other customers visibility or access to your data, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your information.

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