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Your TMS, Visibility, & Partner network Together.

Seamless communication

seamless communication between supply chain stakeholders

Effortlessly streamline your stakeholder communication with TMS, leaving no vital information overlooked.

Extended visibility

multi-modal visibility

Unveil the Dynamics of Your Entire Supply Chain in Real-Time with our extended visibility capabilities.

Easy integrations

powerful integrations with UPS, FedEx, SAIA, XPO, AT&T, Azuga, Geotab, Samsara, Oracle TMS, SAP, CH Robinson, Mercury Gate, Blue Yonder, Manhattan Associates, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and ShipBob

Conveniently manage loads, rate quotes and from booking to tracking, in one place with ERP and warehouse integrations.

Organizational Hierarchy

ShipmentX enables you to effortlessly shape your company's organizational hierarchy as it expands.

This lets you redesign the organization structure at any point of your business flow dynamically by adding or removing zones, and branches or introducing a new geo cluster along with its users as simple as a Lego block build.


Gain end-to-end visibility

Connect with all stakeholders on one powerful platform to achieve full visibility, competitive rates, and access to powerful data to strengthen your logistics operations.

Live Tracking and ETA

Remove the element of surprise. Monitor entire flow and know where your carriers are and view estimated time of arrival to each location based on the real-time information


With shipment based tendering we give you the choice to set your target price and get competitive quotes as the 3PLs and carriers bid for your shipment.

LTL Integrations

Pay Only for the weight and space your freight uses

Reliable Carrier

Wider Service Options

Larger Carrier Network

* Search By City name or Postal Code

3PLs & Transporters

Easily manage your customer's supply chain

Boost your relationship with your customer and improve your team's productivity levels by efficiently managing customer's supply chain using the platform.

Intuitive Dashboard

Receive all customer needs and demands and assign shipments to the carriers with great ease using our intuitive dashboard.

Real time tracking and Route Optimization with ETA

Map carrier routes, and plan your trips in a single easy-to-use interface, using real-time parameters including resource capacity, customer locations, time preferences, traffic and weather conditions.

ERP Integrations

Further streamline your workflow by integrating your existing ERP solutions such as Oracle, SAP, JDA and other top ERPs with Shipmentx.


Book the right loads faster

Gain access to demand generated by some of the top shippers and 3PLs to book better loads. Easily submit your bids, instantly book and get paid faster.

Manage Load Booking

Get your load orders faster. Connect with all stakeholders on one powerful platform check all the available loads and take the ones that are best match to you.

ELD Integrations

Highly Feasible feature in your hands with ELD setup to top ELD providers, Shippers and Transporters to get real-time visibility in the ShipmentX platform.

Intelligent Equipment Rental Solution

Navigate Your Rentals with Precision and Ease

Our AI-driven system anticipates your needs, providing proactive return alerts and advanced charge validation, ensuring you spend less time on paperwork and more time driving your business forward.


Proactive Return Alerts

Automated notifications to ensure timely returns and optimal scheduling.


AI-Powered Charge Validation

Intelligent technology for precise charge calculations, minimizing disputes.


Streamlined Invoice Management

Leveraging cutting-edge AI for accurate and efficient billing.

Your Carrier Command Center: ShipmentX TMS Driver mobile app

Take command of logistics with our carrier-centric mobile app. Connect for:

Shipment notifications

Gate-in & out


GPS Tracking

ELD Integrations

Truck Specific Routing

Stay in control with live route updates and on-the-go document management.

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Loadboard integrations to drive your business forward

Search and book live loads/trucks across leading freight marketplaces built right into ShipmentX without shuffling tabs and tools

Post your load and empty trucks in ShipmentX with a click and get the right prospects at the right time from leading freight marketplaces on one screen

Loadboard Integrations

Integrate your favourite loadboard vendors with shipmentx

Reliable Carrier

Wider Service Options

Larger Carrier Network

* Search By City name or Postal Code

Simplifying your Supply Chains

with smart next-gen logistics solutions.

Seamless ERP Integrations

Connect your ERP to ShipmentX through our API integration solution to get started instantly.

Actionable Intelligence

Make data-driven business decisions by accessing powerful predictive analytics and advanced actionable insights.

ChatBot & Automation

Leverage the power of chatbots and RPA to automate repetitive tasks such as validating POs, invoices and many more.

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