Key Features

Manage Load Booking

Get your load orders faster. Connect with all stakeholders on one powerful platform check all the available loads and take the ones that are best match to you.

Real Time Tracking

View truck specific routing, real-time re-routes, and plan your trips in a single easy-to-use interface, using real-time parameters including traffic and weather conditions.

ELD integrations allows clients to visually compare planned route against actual route on a map interface and identify bottlenecks..

ELD Integrations

Highly Feasible feature in your hands with ELD setup to top ELD providers, Shippers and Transporters to get real-time visibility in the ShipmentX platform.

Carrier Mobile App

Connect with all stakeholders on one powerful mobile app:

  • Shipment notifications
  • Gate-in & out
  • PODs
  • GPS Tracking
  • ELD Integrations
  • Truck Specific Routing

To send quotes, document management and get live route updates on the go.

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